Trap Corner Revisited


A note and warning to out-of-staters (and most city visitors): Rural Maine humor is as varied as rural Maine people, some of whom are given to understatement, others prone to exaggerate. All rural Maine folk, however, from Ft. Kent to Kittery, stick to the facts. They want to get a little fun out of life without lying about it.


Big Families and Long Marriages –
Vern and the Elephant –
West Paris Fire Department –
3-Legged Chick –
Bi-Plane –
The Blue Dish –
Ole’s Cow and Cat –
Clyde’s Letter –
Doc and Fanny –
Doc and Newlyweds –
What’s Brains –
More of Clyde –
Clyde’s Sister –
Clyde in Court –
Clyde’s Wife –
T.C. Store –
Harry, Ray and Hugo

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