Maine Potpourri Plus

potpourriplus - Copy

A double CD that combines a mixture on Maine humor stories along with the best of the original Outhouse series from Outhouse II.


Les Asked Harry to Care for his Horses –
Dave Loved Baked Beans –
She Had a Boil –
Elephant/Teacher –
Little Willie –
John Got a Plastic Bag –
Halloween/Country “ailments” –
From the Field of Fish and Game –
Outhouse Song –
West Paris –
Peg and I –
Doctor/Moose Pond International –
Sheriff –
Free to Laugh –
Hole in Pan/Thunderstorm –
Naptha/Golf –
“From Away” –
Town Clock/Newspaper –
Inventors/Seniors/Divorce –
Mail Order Bride –
Mortician/Ed and Mabel/Dickie –
Minimum Wage/Hoss Vet

Double CD – $18.00