The late Joe Perham was a humorist – of Maine and Downeast cultures – a storyteller, public speaker, writer and actor. A humorist is defined as “A performer or writer who specializes in humor”. A comedian is a professional joke teller and as most of us already know a joke can many times make us roll our eyes or stomach because the joke itself is just plain dumb. Maine and Downeast humor may at first appear to be dumb but if you are smart enough you will see that not only are the stories funny but true as well. It really does happen the way that it is told by Joe!

Welcome to Joe’s web site. He would like to share with you a bit about himself, his family and most of all his humor. Note: Joe passed away in August of 2013 and no longer engages in pubic speaking and storytelling! He will greatly be missed

List of Joe Perham CDs
That Wonderful Old Two-Holer
6 A.M. at the Trap Corner Store
Guide to Hunting and Fishing in Maine
Potpourri Plus
Trap Corner Revisited
Out Behind the Barn
Zip Code to Humor
Tall Tales and Damned Lies
Best of Clyde
Slow Lane Maine
Special Volume CDs
Brown Wrapper Special
Spicy Brown Wrapper
Tales From the Maine Woods Vol. I
Tales From the Maine Woods Vol. II
The Humor of Abe Lincoln

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