That Wonderful Old Two-Holer

Where even the most delicate sounds can be heard! -Contents- Uncle Was Full of Himself – The Chemical Toilet – Varnished the Toilet Seat – At Ole’s Farm – The Passing of the Backhouse – There Was a Young Fella Named Hyde – The Privy Inspector and the W.C. – One […]

6 A.M. at the Trap Corner Store

Located “Halfway between Quebec City and Boston” the Trap Corner Store is where you will hear “typical tales of humor and inspiration.” -Contents- Penley’s Clothespins – He Painted a White Line – Doc Told the Boy to Hold Up the Lantern – The Old Guy was 107 Years Old – They […]

Guide to Hunting and Fishing in Maine

33 tales of hunting and fishing in Maine, all true of course, will guide any outdoor sportsmen into adventures unknown….probably those not wished for either. -Contents- Introduction – Truth – Side Effects – First Motorcycle – Yellow Dog – Chased the Deer – Bear Proof –

Maine Potpourri Plus

A double CD that combines a mixture on Maine humor stories along with the best of the original Outhouse series from Outhouse II. -Contents- Les Asked Harry to Care for his Horses – Dave Loved Baked Beans – She Had a Boil – Elephant/Teacher – Little Willie – John Got a […]

Trap Corner Revisited

A note and warning to out-of-staters (and most city visitors): Rural Maine humor is as varied as rural Maine people, some of whom are given to understatement, others prone to exaggerate. All rural Maine folk, however, from Ft. Kent to Kittery, stick to the facts. They want to get a little […]

Out Behind the Barn

This CD is all about Maine farm life and humor mixed in with a bit of Aesop’s fables – Maine humor style! -Contents- Living in the Country – Helping the Farmer – Peg-Legged Pig – Ole’s Rooster – Angel Made Butter – Ole’s Hired Man – Clyde Went to Canada – […]

Zip Code to Humor

04289 Zip Code West Paris, Maine. All about rural living and town politics. Get to know some of the local color. -Contents- West Paris – Baboon – Clyde Sports – Uncle Vern – Dream Boat – Chrysler – Dear Blabby – Comet – Gravel Pit – Town Drunk – Meat Loaf […]

Tall Tales and Damned Lies

All true stories….so help me….er, um! Well, quite the yarns! -Contents- Telling Truth – Flintrock – Smartest Fish – Mosquitoes and Coyotes – John – Bear – Owl – Pig – Cow – Dry Spell – Oxen and Bears – Swamp Boss – Lawyers – I Measured It – Texas Air […]

Best of Clyde

It is quite possible that Clyde is the smartest man alive today! He’s at least far smarter than any politician and often can leave even the most astute of college professors scratching their heads…..or something else………………………………… -Contents- Plane Ride – Picture of Pope – Bought the Hoss – Angel – Junior […]

Slow Lane Maine

Slow Lane Maine was the last recording Joe Perham did. Stories vary from revisiting West Paris to another trip to the Trap Corner Store and stops in between. -Contents- The Golf Course – West Paris Revisited – The Slow Lane – How to Talk Maine – Freeport – Maine-Type News – […]

Brown Wrapper Special

Party tape: Not for the Faint of Heart -Contents- Hired Man – Parrot – Dieting – Decoy – Baby – Wood Teeth – Football – Scotch Tape Salesman – SOB’s – Widow – Carnation Milk – Hound – Hard Luck Harry – Golden Toilet – Red Light – Rear End – […]

Spicy Brown Wrapper

Hot and spicy Maine humor from South of the West Paris Border! -Contents- $600 – Welchville – Working Wife – Toe Hold – Asshole – Raise Dead – Fly Open – Inscrewtable – Red Light – Hollyhock – Toupee – Silicone – Rubber Doll – Virgin – Clyde – Duck – […]

Tales of Maine – Volume I

Experience the many tales that have entertained Maine folk for decades. Get a copy today in order to preserve some of the long told tales from Maine. -Contents- Maine Stories – The Gorby – Frozen Alive – Sleep Walk – The Lavender Gown – Toupee – The Loups Garou – The […]

Tales of Maine – Volume II

Volume II is a continuation of the many tales the originated in and have been told in Maine for generations. -Contents- Grammie Wilson – Jack – “Room for one More” – Half-Way Camp – Snowman – Hollow Watcher – Sawyer of Black Lake – “Mark, Mark” Single CD – $15.00 FREE […]

Joe Perham Collector’s CD Promotion

As a special offer, you can purchase ten of Joe Perham’s Maine Humor CDs for one low price. Purchase the first ten CDs in this collection for $141.00. That’s a savings of $18.00. With this package price, you get one copy each of the following CDs: 1. That Wonderful Old Two-Holer […]